Why Explore Tuscany in Fall?

From the colors, to the atmosphere; fall is a wonderful season. Surprisingly though, it’s not common for people to go on vacations at this time of year. In general, this is because most people choose to travel in the summer and fall’s months are just after, as well as being right before the festive season. At this time, most individuals are more focused on other things; with parents sending their kids back to school, people getting back into the swing of work after a break, etc. The only problem with this is that they could have an even better vacation if they waited just a little longer until September.

While it may not be obvious, there are a number of things that make September, October, and November excellent months for Italian getaways. If you’re keen on exploring the traditions, seeing the natural sights, and more of a stunning area like Tuscany, there are several reasons why you should consider planning a trip in the fall.

It can be the perfect time for Italy tours

These months are an excellent time for individuals who want to go on a tour around the region, thanks to a variety of reasons that we’ll get into below. All of them make it far easier to not only have a Tuscan adventure, but also to immerse yourself in the culture and unique way of life.

If you’re interested in visiting with a tour company, why not check out what we have to offer? Here at Tours of Tuscany, we work tirelessly to give each guest a chance to experience the full beauty of this fantastic part of Italy, and many of our guests would agree that we do just that.

If you’re considering booking a vacation in Tuscany in 2021, whether that’s with a tour group or not, it’s worth taking a look at the reasons we’ve put together for why having vacations in Tuscany during fall can be a great idea for a wide variety of people.

The weather

One of the most attractive arguments is that it can be so much better to explore a region like this during fall because the climate is often just right at this time of year. In most cases, those who want to be out and about, walking through towns, going on tours of traditional Tuscan vineyards and wineries, etc. will be far more comfortable doing so while the temperature of the region isn’t too hot, but not too cold either.

Fall has a great balance between the two, often being in the range of about 60 °F to 75 °F. Summer, on the other hand, can be quite a bit hotter – sometimes going up to 90 °F. This difference can have quite a big impact on your experience, since the heat can sometimes be a bit distracting and uncomfortable while you’re traveling around. A vacation by the beach can be great for summer, and you may enjoy the hot weather no matter what you decide to do during your visit, but it’s worth considering whether fall is best for your needs if you’re looking for adventure.

The amount of tourists

Most people book their vacations for summer, and this means that the following months are typically much calmer and quieter in terms of the volume of visitors. If you would rather get away from the flood of tourists that are likely to be visiting Tuscany next year, a trip during the fall might be your best bet. Once the summer is over and everyone’s back home, you can come and enjoy all the beauty that this region has to offer at a leisurely pace.

The colors of fall

If you’re coming to see the iconic scenery of Tuscany, from the rolling hills to the endless fields, you’ll be in for a treat when visiting at this time of the year. While beautiful all year round, there’s something so special and unique about visiting in fall, simply because you get to see vistas in a whole new light. Generally, spring is a popular season for people to visit when it comes to taking in the beauty of new growth, but because of this many people overlook just how amazing it can look during fall. This is the time when colors shift from green, to yellow, to red throughout the season’s months and change the whole look of the landscape. 

To make things better, the wonderful weather can work in your favor, since you’ll often be comfortable and have a bright, sunny sky above you. Whether you want to get the best views or snap some breathtaking pictures, fall is perfect for just that. What makes this even more attractive to tourists is that the scenery will always be stunning, regardless of what you plan on doing. Whether you want to visit traditional vineyards and wineries during Tuscan wine tours or immerse yourself in the culture and Tuscan lifestyle, the beauty of nature will always be there.

The fantastic art exhibits

While there are many amazing pieces of art to see at any time of the year, there are a few reasons why you may want to check out some of the fantastic exhibits on offer in fall, particularly in Florence. Why? Well, there are a number of great events and shows that run in these milder months. Whether you’re interested in seeing some of Leonardo da Vinci’s works in Uffizi or the Natalia Goncharova exhibit, it’s well worth coming to this part of Tuscany at this time of year to make the most of it.

Truffles and mushrooms

Most people come to Tuscany for the wine and olives, but rarely do visitors pay mind to the delicious truffles and mushrooms that are grown here. If you enjoy these, you simply must come and try some of the fresh ones that are picked seasonally. You’re likely to find that a variety of traditional Tuscan foods are made even better with ripe produce, and we’re sure that you’ll see the difference even in famous dishes like risotto ai porcini.

You’ll also want to check out the Festival of Truffles in November – which is actually incredibly popular here in San Miniato, and loved by residents across the region.

The season of harvest

At this time of year, you’ll find that all the region’s favorites are being harvested; from wine grapes, to olives. September is commonly known as the wine month, while October and November are more focused on olives and truffle hunting. This can add a whole new element of culture and fun to your visit, and who wouldn’t want that?

On a tour with us, you could get to know some of the different wineries here better and visit towns that are famous for creating some of the region’s finest varieties.

World renowned food festivals

You could also experience the many cultural events that are held in honor of the harvests. Whether its food or drink, there are quite a few great festivals going on at this time of the year, such as:

A Cheaper time to travel

Out of all the different benefits, one that appeals to most individuals planning vacations is that the costs of flights, restaurants, and much more all tend to be less expensive at this time of year, since the tourist rush of summer is over. If you’re hoping to save some money on your trip, visiting in fall could be a great idea.

Let us take you on a journey around the region

There is so much on offer in this part of Italy, which is why we aim to provide tours that give guests a chance to see as many of the wonders as possible during their time here. Just take a look at a few of the different trips we have on offer and you’ll see exactly what we mean – as well as the reason why our company is so popular.

From the accommodation, to the sites we include in our itineraries; everything has been carefully thought about to provide you with the very best experience of Tuscany. So, why not get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about what we could do for you?

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