What is a Super Tuscan Wine?

Many people from around the globe flock to the stunning region of Tuscany every year just to try some of the fantastic blends of wine that are produced here. Even those who don’t visit just for the experience of a tasting tour should try some of the amazing beverages found here – and for something truly spectacular, most opt for a bottle of Super Tuscan wine.

What sets Super Tuscan wines apart from other types?

The term Super Tuscan has been used to describe the unique blend of red wine hailing from Tuscany since the 1980’s. One of the main reasons why this unofficial category is so popular is because of how different it is from other varieties of Tuscan produce. For the most part, this is thanks to the fact that blends are typically made with non-indigenous grapes.

This category includes all Tuscan red wines that are made with grapes that aren’t native to Italy; including Sangiovese, Syrah and many more.

When were they made?

Super Tuscan wines were first blended in the 1970’s. At this point in time, the wine laws in Italy were slowly changing, putting many vineyard owners in a difficult position.

Because of this, a number of them started to create products using non-indigenous, unsanctioned varieties of grapes. While the laws changed and made things easier in 1992, these varieties had already become a sensation.

The first variety to earn the moniker; Tignanello

Made in 1971 by the renowned Antinori, Tignanello is not only one of the most popular, but also the first blend of this type of beverage.

Created with an interesting mix of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc, most find that it’s a truly delicious offering – and to top it all off, most bottles only cost around $80.

This isn’t the only type that can be purchased for a great deal, giving you the chance to try some of these amazing varieties for yourself.

How to identify a Super Tuscan

In most cases, one of the best ways to see why these wines are so popular is to give them a try.

When it comes to flavor, most Super Tuscans will have a distinct taste from the rest, thanks to the fact that most have a unique blend of different grapes. However, this doesn’t mean that differentiating a Super Tuscan from other wines has to be a difficult task.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a wine is Super Tuscan or not is to see if it has the Toscana IGT classification on the label. Many of them also have original names, so you could also consider this while searching, too.

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