What are Traditional Tuscan Trattorias?

You might want to visit the wonderful region of Tuscany for quite a few reasons; whether it’s for the beauty of this location, or the history. No matter what you plan to do during your vacation, it’s essential that you try some of the many amazing meals and wines of the region.

Where to go for a traditional Tuscan meal

Often, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Tuscan way of life is to try some of the traditional foods in a local setting – and in these instances, trattorias are often destinations you won’t want to miss. You could instead visit one of the other kinds of Italian restaurants that are open for business, such as a ristorante or an osteria, but there are quite a few reasons why most choose to dine in a trattoria instead.

What makes a Tuscan trattoria so great?

Usually, trattorias offer a number of great meals, as well as a traditional Tuscan feel. Since they’re often small, family run businesses. The dishes that they serve are sure to give you a taste of a true Tuscan family dinner, as most of the recipes are likely to be generations old. Not only that, but you’ll often get to enjoy your meal with some local wine, which most would agree only adds to the experience.

When it comes to design, you’re likely to find that they can often vary quite a bit from one another, with some being quaint and others more unique. Regardless of how they look though, you’re sure to find that all trattorias offer a friendly, casual atmosphere.

These are often the best eateries for those who want to experience the Tuscan lifestyle in all its glory, but most will find that they can also provide a romantic setting or just be an interesting place to enjoy a great meal.

Other types of Italian restaurants

Trattorias aren’t the only eateries that you may want to check out during your stay in this beautiful region – which is why you may want to learn a little more about the other types of establishments you could visit.


Osteria used to cater more to locals than visitors, offering a safe space for patrons to have a drink of wine and play cards among friends. In recent years, they have opened their doors to more and more tourists, and many now offer cooked meals too. Visitors are likely to find a blend of tradition and atmosphere not too dissimilar to local trattorias.


In most cases, ristorante are more formal than trattorias, offering a more restaurant-quality feel. Because of this, you’re likely to find that they’ll have an extensive menu with a range of great dishes, desserts, and wines to try.


Generally, mescitas are known for being local wine shops – although the main difference is that most offer Italian snacks to enjoy with drinks. Often, this can include things like meats, cheeses, and olives.

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