Things You Need to See and Do in Tuscany

If you take a trip to the glorious region of Tuscany, you’re likely to find that the opportunities for things to see and do are endless. With all that it has to offer, from iconic landmarks like Michelangelo’s David to the many stunning churches. You’re sure to have a truly memorable vacation if you choose to visit this part of central Italy.

Walk through the streets of San Gimignano

The stunning streets and iconic 15 medieval towers of the hill-town of San Gimignano offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in history. This is only one of the reasons why you might want to pay this location a visit during your stay in Tuscany. If you want to get the best possible experience, you may want to consider visiting in spring or autumn, as countless tourists visit in summer and you may find the winter a little too cold.

Taste some of Tuscany’s finest wines in Chianti

While Chianti offers some truly spectacular views of Tuscan landscapes, in most cases those who visit this town come to enjoy some wine tasting. Mostly, this is because Chianti is home to a wide variety of traditional wines (some of which are famous across the globe), so be sure to take a trip to a vineyard or winery during your visit.

See what the Uffizi Gallery has to offer

If you happen to be near Florence, you may want to see some of the stunning pieces of art that are kept in the Uffizi Gallery. This location is home to the finest collection of art in the country – plus some of the greatest Italian Renaissance paintings in the world. With so many masterpieces here, you may need to set aside some time if you want to truly take everything in.

Explore the town of Cortona

While there may be countless things for you to see and do in Tuscany, spending a day in Cortona is a must for pretty much any tourist. The ancient hill-town has some spectacular views, but if you choose to visit this spot in particular, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to immerse yourself in the culture of the location. Most would agree that this is one of the best places to be for those who want to learn more about the Tuscan lifestyle.

Visit the Alpi Apuane

Alpi Apuane may be well known for its impressive marble quarries, but going on a hike here may be a good idea. Thanks to the fact that the vast forests and magnificent wildflowers make it a spectacular botanical wonderland. With a clear network of paths, there’s no chance of you getting lost – so you can focus on all the beauty without a worry.

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