Things to See and Do in Chianti, Tuscany

Siena and Florence are two of the most popular areas in Tuscany, and while they are truly stunning places, many of those who’ve been to this part of central Italy will agree that Chianti is one of the greatest locations in the region.

Whether you’re visiting Tuscany for the delicious wines made here, or for the stunning landscapes; there’s a good chance that Chianti has everything you’re looking for.

Chianti’s delicious wines

 One of Chianti’s biggest attractions is the amazing wine on offer. Countless individuals from around the world visit this location just to try the DOCG Chianti Classico and see some of the many stunning wineries and vineyards located here. This type of wine is made in 7 different wineries in Tuscany, although most will want to visit the original in Chianti – the Black Rooster.

While straw bottles of wine look good and make for great souvenirs, most will find that it’s a better idea to go with a regular bottle.

Quaint, historical towns

The perfect place to go for a break from city life is Chianti, as there’s no shortage of peaceful little towns to explore. Two of the great options here are Castellina and Greve – although there are many, many more beautiful locations to be discovered. In some cases, visitors find that taking the time to properly immerse themselves in the beauty of just one town is far better than visiting several and not paying much attention.

With the many great things that each town has to offer, from festivals to traditional meals, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

The stunning landscapes

While Tuscany is most famous for wine, it’s also well known for having some truly fantastic scenery – and Chianti certainly contributes to this with its amazing countryside.

Many people opt to visit in September, as this is when farmers begin picking their grapes and getting ready for the next year of harvesting. You’re likely to be in awe of the stunning scenery at any time of year though; the landscapes are beautiful season after season.

Taking a tour around Chianti

With so many amazing things on offer, most would agree that going on a tour of the location is a great way to relax and take in all the beauty of Chianti at once. Most renowned tour companies will know a variety of interesting facts about the area and offer you a truly magnificent experience.

If this isn’t your thing, you might instead want to rent a car or bicycle and take your own trip through Chianti – we’re sure that you’ll be amazed by the beauty of this part of Tuscany either way.

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