From the rolling hills to the vineyards, from the wheat fields to the olive trees. Driving in Tuscany is a sequence of amazing landscapes. Stunning views, each one jaw-dropping, but, when summer arrives, the real spectacle is held by sunflowers.

These tall, silent, beautiful flowers stand there quietly overlooking the area and facing the sun with their seedy “faces”. Majestic but not always easy to find therefore the wish to see them becomes a real quest. Of course, we always have a tip on the best spots!


During March and April Tuscan farmers decide on the amount of land dedicated to planting, seeding commences and continues until the month of June. Consequently the blooming will be extended, which is a bonus for visitors!


In July and August Tuscany becomes a big garden. Sunflowers are grown for multiple purposes: oil for dressing and frying, forage for cattle and for improvement to  the land.

Nothing is more pleasant than to jump on a vespa on a summer morning and ride through the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and the smell of the air. The land will be a bright gold with wheat spikes sometimes dotted with poppies. The shadow of small woods of oak trees (rich in truffle) shelter a flock of sheep. Cypresses guide you along the road and after a turn or a hill there they are! Unexpected, fields of sunflowers, looking towards the sun and putting an end to your quest!

The excitement will make you stop the vespa and grab your camera to consecrate this moment as one of the most beautiful memories of Tuscany.

Well then, the fields are resting now but soon everything will bloom to welcome you here and delight your eyes.

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