The Jetson One Takes Off Over Tuscany! Recently, Jetson released a short video of their personal aircraft taking off and flying over Tuscan landscapes, as a celebration of the first production-ready Jetson One unveiling 6 months prior.

The recent take off in Tuscany was quite a success, showcasing some of the capabilities of the Jetson 1; from its incredible maneuverability, to the level of control the pilot has over the vehicle. While this aircraft was the star of the show, the stunning hills of Tuscany, especially from such a unique angle, were certainly an eye-catcher – even if the scenes from the pilot’s perspective were brief.

Did you know that the Jetson One has flown over Tuscany before?

It has been quite a while since the last event, but this isn’t the first flight the Jetson One has had over Tuscany. The first time this electric aircraft was seen over the pastures was a little over 4 years ago now, on the 28th of February 2018.

The Jetson One is still a very new vehicle in many ways, despite entering the market in late October last year – but it’s currently completely sold out. This has been the first public show of this flying car since its launch, so it really is quite impressive to see. As you’d imagine, the Jetson One price is a factor that limits its accessibility, as it’s quite an expensive vehicle.

The possibilities of the Jetson One

The future of airborne vehicles is certainly interesting to think about. Someday, flying over Italy may be just as easy as driving through it. Imagine being able to experience the beauty of the iconic Tuscan landscapes for yourself from up above! The future of air travel is near, and it may not be long until you’re able to explore Tuscany with the Jetson One flying car – or even another brand.

For now though, you could still enjoy this fantastic part of Italy on the ground. There’s so much to see and do here that even without the opportunity to fly around in this electric aircraft, you’ll be spoiled for choice. While you may not be taking in the breathtaking landscapes from above on your own just yet, you’re sure to have a magnificent trip on your Tuscan adventure.

From visiting iconic sites like the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, to seeing some impressive medieval structures on foot during San Gimignano tours; there’s simply so much that Italian getaways in Tuscany can bring to the table.

Jetson One FAQs

Come and see the wonders of Tuscany for yourself

Do you want to see some of the beautiful sights and destinations that this region has to offer, but don’t quite know where to begin your journey? Don’t worry, as you may just find that our team of experienced hosts will be able to provide you with the tour of your dreams.

We can’t help you to fly over Tuscany, but we can show you all the things that make this region so great. From immersing you in the outstanding Tuscan culture, to exploring the many majestic towns and cities; our experts here at Tours of Tuscany want to give you the best possible experience of the region.

Overall, we’re sure that you’ll have a fantastic time on one of our Tuscan tours, even without a Jetson One! If you’re interested in exciting vacations in Tuscany, or even something a little more relaxing, we’re here to help.

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