Best Meals to Try in Tuscany

The region of Tuscany is home to countless amazing things, from stunning art to beautiful landscapes, but one of the biggest reasons why this is such a popular tourist destination is because of the many different types of amazing foods to be sampled here.

Whether you’d prefer to eat healthy meals or try dishes that are a little out of your comfort zone during your vacation, Tuscany has you covered.


Panzanella (a combination of the words pan and zanella) is a cold bread salad that offers a true taste of the flavors of Tuscany. In general, you’ll find that it’s made of traditional, unsalted Tuscan bread, along with tomatoes, basil, red onions, vinegar, salt, and olive oil – all of which are sure to be locally produced and make for a tasty and healthy combination.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a perfect meal for meat-lovers, so if you’re looking for a hearty, delicious Tuscan dish to try during your stay in this part of Italy, this could be the ideal choice. It comes from the loin of a young steer – and often has an absolutely amazing tasting fillet. You’re likely to find that the meat is rather heavy (often weighing 1.5 to 2 kg) and thick (usually between 3 to 4 cm), so it’s a perfect meal for anyone who’s had a long day of exploring the many wonders of the region.


 With so many tourists pouring into Tuscany during summer, you may instead choose to visit during the colder season – and if so, you’re going to want to try Ribollita. This simple soup is made with cabbage, onions, carrots, and beans. It’s a favorite amongst locals at this time of year, not only for its great taste, but also for its ability to warm you up.

Lampredotto sandwich

The lampredotto sandwich is another must-try meal for anyone visiting the spectacular region of Tuscany. Cooked in a delicious broth, the lampredotto (the name of the meat in the sandwich, which is the fourth stomach of the cow) goes perfectly with traditional Tuscan bread. Spicy sauce and salsa verde are commonly served with the meal, as they both complement the already amazing flavor.

Crostini toscani

Anybody who’s looking to try something a little different during their time in Tuscany may want to try eating crostini toscani. While not the strangest meal ever, you’d be surprised just how delicious chicken liver sauce spread on frusta (a type of bread similar to a baguette) can be.

Pappa al pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro may be a popular meal across the peninsula, but Tuscany is known for having the best version of the soup. Probably because it originated there. Traditionally, it’s made with tomatoes, garlic, basil leaves, and stale bread.

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